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DroidSheep apk is an android app made for the purpose of security analysis in wireless networks. It was developed by Andreas Koch to unveil how hackers can easily attack your wireless network.

With this apk, you can capture and hack the web session profiles of the person who is using the same network. This session hijacking android app enables hackers to seize the session cookies of the active users over the wireless network. The session ID that is obtained from the cookies is used by the hacker to access the victim’s account as a genuine user.

How to install DroidSheep apk?

The important thing to do before trying to install DroidSheep apk is to first root your Android device. You will need an expert to do this for you if you are a novice. You may brick your phone if you try yourself.

Downloading and installing the apk file is easy. Follow these steps.

1. Download DroidSheep apk file from the internet. A link has been provided below.
2. Run the setup. Make sure no overlays are running before pressing on the downloaded file to start the installation.
3. You will receive a prompt to enable apps from outside Play Store. Follow the option into Settings.
4. In the Settings menu, find Security and open it.
5. Look up Unknown Sources and switch on the option.
6. Go back again and the file should install perfectly.
7. You have installed DroidSheep apk file.

DroidSheep apk can also hack Facebook and YouTube accounts as well as accounts on big sites by utilizing the cookie hijacking method. This app doesn’t disclose email ids and passwords of a person but it lets you access the Facebook and YouTube account of a person through a link.

How to Use DroidSheep?

DroidSheep was not developed for hacking or web attacks but to enable anyone and everyone to see how sessions hacking really works.

To use the DroidSheep app, you just need to open it and allow root access.

After this, a disclaimer will be displayed to you that states “Droidsheep comes with no warranty…….” . After reading the disclaimer, you can scroll and mark the “I agree to the terms and conditions” checkbox.

There will be choices for ARP spoofing and generic mode if you are connected to a WiFi. Click the ARP spoofing mode if you want to hijack cookies of Google and Facebook accounts only or mark both ARP spoofing and generic mode option if you would like to seize cookies of all other sites.

How Exactly DroidSheep Works

When you hit the start button, DroidSheep starts acting like a router to monitor and interrupt all the network traffic and then shows active session profiles.

You must make sure you root your android phone before going to the “how to” section. After rooting your phone, you should also confirm that the target that is using the HTTP to access the web account is over the same network.

Similarity to FaceNiff

FaceNiff and DroidSheep are quite alike as both these apps can hijack the web session profiles available on a wireless network. But FaceNiff comes with a restriction that it can only work with few list of websites while the DroidSheep can work well with almost all websites or services.

Not a Hijacking App

DroidSheep was not developed for doing attacks and stealing identities. It was developed for highlighting the weak security statuses of big sites. With this app, you can easily test how secure your website is.

What Else You Can Do With DroidSheep?

DroidSheep comes with numerous other options such as Debug, Clear Blacklist, Choose WiFi, Clear list, and Help.

With “Clear list”, you can easily remove information of captured cookie sessions while “Clear blacklist “enables you to erase the list of blacklisted servers.

With the debug option, you can gather debug info if you experience some problems while running DroidSheep. To commence a debugging session, you just have to press the menu, tap on debug and press “Yes”.

You can make use of “Choose WiFi” option for selecting the target network and also utilize “Help ”for any assistance.