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Droidsheep app let’s you to keep a track of your kids online activities. If you want to find out who’s watching improper stuff using the office internet, then Download DroidSheep app for Android. This app is the best way to monitor internet activities over your network, and it can be easily installed using latest apk 2017 file.

Droidsheep for android

About DroidSheep app:

Developed by Andreas Koch in 2011, the app is not intended to steal identity, but to conduct a security analysis. It was first designed as a way to show the world how hackers can attack your system. It can be used to see how Facebook, YouTube and other accounts are not safe from infiltration and warn people to use safer methods of logging in and browsing. Droisheep application attacks the web session of the active user who is on the common WiFi network to get their session ID, it then accesses all the accounts of the victim as an authorized user.

App NameDroidsheep
App CategorySession Hijacking tool, Hacking tool
Official Websitehttp://droidsheep.org/
Supported Operating SystemAndroid 2.3+
Latest Versionv15.1
Previous Versionv15
Apk File Size303 KB
Installed File Size2.5 MB
App FeaturesHelp session hijacking

Droidsheep app uses:

It’s a free app. You can use this android app to run your internet safely.

  • Make your WiFi secure.
  • Know if someone is accessing inappropriate material through your internet.
  • Keep your kids safe from age-i appropriate material.
  • Droid Sheep app also lets you keep an eye on internet browsing.

The app was available on Google Play Store but the page no longer exists. Fortunately, you can get Droidsheep for Android from the internet and install.

droidsheep download

Download DroidSheep App on Android:

To get DroidSheep v15.1 apk file, follow these steps. The shortest method is given after the longer one.

  • Type in “DroidSheep” on Google. Hit enter.
  • You will find several sites offering the apk file. Please only use a trusted site because other sites can give you fake apks which can harm your system. (check below for a safe link).
  • Once you have chosen a site, you should be able to download and install apk file.

The short method is just click this link to get DroidSheep apk file.

How to Install DroidSheep Apk App:

If you are familiar with side loading apps, you can install DroidSheep apk in no time.

Here is the method to install it if you are a beginner:

  • Download apk file as mentioned above.
  • Go to Settings on your Android phone.
  • Go to the Security tab. Use the button in front of “Unknown Sources” option to allow it. This allows apk files to be installed without Play Store certification.
  • Now, run the downloaded apk file. Agree to the permissions if comfortable and that’s it!

You can now run DroidSheep!

droidsheep app

How to use DroidSheep App?

To use DroidSheep App, you need to first root your Android and install the app on the device using the APK file. You can find the steps mentioned above.

Once you have the app installed, you can use it to access the details of your network and see how safe devices and websites are. The app is not meant to snoop on people or steal identities. Only use it to check vulnerabilities.

You can launch the app from your home screen.Connect to a network of your choice.

ARP spoofing lets you access sites such as Google or Facebook, while generic mode fits for other websites. The app works by seizing cookies from the websites that are visited by people on the network. It is similar to obtaining super-user privileges, since you can also ban and unban users and websites from the network.

How sessions hijacking works

droidsheep app

Sessions hijacking works by grabbing cookies generated and exchanged between sites and the devices trying to access them. DroidSheep android app also uses the same system to check network vulnerabilities. You can use this knowledge to safeguard your systems from identity theft and spying.

How to keep your device safe from identity theft and spying?

droidsheep download

Using DroidSheep app, you can find out which sites and what devices are ok to use and which ones are not as safe as you’d want them to be. Once you have that sorted, you can use services like private browsing, VPNs and HTTPS URLs to further secure your internet activities. Google Chrome Browser’s Incognito mode is especially notable. Firefox too has a nice private mode that can come in handy, and which performs marginally better than Chrome in some criteria.


Q 1. DroidSheep won’t run! Help!
The first thing to remember is that DroidSheep is meant for rooted Android devices only. If your smartphone isn’t rooted, you’re not going to have much success with the app.

If your device is rooted and the app is installed, try reinstalling it. Any parsing errors should be resolved this way. The other option is to remove the app from the app tray and relaunch it afresh. You can also try toggling your WiFi. If nothing else works, try rebooting your smartphone.

Q 2. There’s too many WiFi networks. What should I do?
DroidSheep only lets you monitor one WiFi network at a time. You can choose your target network through the “choose WiFi” option. You can switch between networks though, so the same device can monitor multiple WiFi networks.
Q 3. Where to get apk file?
We have linked the apk file above. DroidSheep apk file can be obtained from the internet. However, always make sure to scan your apk files before installing, since it is easy to fall prey to malware infestations without proper precautions.
Q 4. I can’t see browsing data on my DroidSheep app. Did I do something wrong?
You didn’t do anything wrong. In fact, congratulations. If you cannot see any data on DroidSheep app on the network, it means your network and the websites that are being visited are safe. The app is aimed to help people verify how safe their websites and accounts are over the internet connections they use.

What is Session Hijacking?

Session Hijacking is a way of attacking the web session of an active user to get their session ID. The session ID, which is usually stored in cookies or URLs, is then used by attacker to access the website as an authorized user.

Once, the user logged in the website, a session ID or SID is created by the web server and maintained by it. This SID is sent through cookies to the user which gets stored in its hard disk. For each new request by the client, SID sent back to the server which is used by it to confirm the user. In session hijacking, the hijacker obtains the session ID of the active user and hijacks his account. Attacker can then access the website as a genuine user.

Session hijacking can also affect social networking websites such as Twitter and Facebook. It can occur where there is unsecure Wi-Fi network like coffee shops, airports etc.

How Droidsheep works as a session hijacker?

Droidsheep is a tool used for session hijacking, it accesses the HTTP packets sent through the wireless network to obtain the session ID. With the help of Droidsheep, one can easily see and do what an authorized user can do on a website. This app supports all the websites unlike other competitor apps in the market which support only listed websites.

Droidsheep cannot decrypt the data sent on SSL network i.e. HTTPS, but most of the websites have SSL encryption only for login page. So once the user logged in, Droidsheep can easily view all the data submitted by the user to the web server even passwords.

Why is Droidsheep better than Faceniff ?

Droidsheep works for all the websites. Faceniff works for listed websites only.
This App is free of cost and can be downloaded and installed on any Android phones without any charges. It is not free and user needs to pay to install it on his Android device.
It is open source, any user with some coding knowledge can easily make his own version by using underlying technology. Faceniff does not give permission to make changes to the software.